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What is it to be wise-

What is it to be wise? 

In an age of acquiring knowledge, what is it to be wise? Is the question we anticipate on Sunday. It is a thought taken from next weeks 'Bible in a year' readings. 
Like the old adage, 'knowing the value of everything, but the worth of nothing', if we are not careful words coalesce, when they are quite different. There are many who possess and acquire knowledge. Our world. Our society values the pursuit of knowing things. However, knowledge and wisdom are quite different. For wisdom is how we know what we know, and then understanding what that means in living. 

In a difficult world, faced by many challenges, we can have great knowledge about our health situation, or the economics. But how does that help us cope with pain, and hurt, and fear which are the realities of life? Knowledge does not mean we discover purpose. 

Yet, Proverbs 4:1-9  presents Wisdom as the means whereby we make sense of who I am, what is happening, where am I going! Where, in him (Christ) all things hold together!

In NIV, we have the word 'wisdom' translated as 'understanding'. However, we need to explore what kind of understanding is wisdom. It is not facts and figures. It is not technologically grasping the complex networks of knowledge. Wisdom is seeing beyond! Beyond the merest technological possibilities to the essential, eternal possibilities that God sees. It is an eternal perspective.  Not eternal, as a sense of time, but in the sense of quality of living. Wisdom is connecting to the eyes and heart of God. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense to me. Just read Job! But through it all, it is having a heart sufficiently connected to Gods heart that just keeps reminding me again and again, that, 'I know that my Redeemer lives!' Job 19:25.

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